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Does this happen to you?

scrabble humor

When you and your family get together with grandma and the kids, and you sit down to play scrabble, does this happen to you?

xkcd (

Yes, all the time

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No, never

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Yup. And my grandmother wouldn't blink. She'd just be jealous I got so many points.

My whole family hates playing Scrabble with me. I can spell words most folks can't even pronounce. Betcha I could win against Dr. House, even! :P

Side: Yes, all the time

Up vote for having a feisty grandma ;)

Side: Yes, all the time

Oh my God! Yes, all the time. That comic nailed it! Right on the money maker ;)

Side: Yes, all the time
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My grandma died.... but otherwise that yeah..... it happens

Side: No, never

Joe, I didn't realize you read XKCD, that's one of my favorite comic strips.

Yes this usually happens to me except I get the letters I P P L E S

Side: Yes, all the time

What? You've got pimples? I think I'm off one letter ;)

Side: Yes, all the time
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