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 I don't care who you are....this is funny [picture of someone pulling a JC] (7)

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I don't care who you are....this is funny [picture of someone pulling a JC]

But, Officer.... this is great
Got to love fun people and this guy is fun loving.
Can you imagine this guy going 90 mph on his way to   Dallaswith these balloons trailing a few yards behind him?

Instructions for a fun time on the interstate................
Step 1. Tie balloons to car..
Step 2. Drive like a bat out of a hell!
Step 3. Watch people freak out!!!!

Only in Texas!

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I guess no argument is required. Just agree, that's one funny image ;)

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I want to move to Texas and try this out now! Man, the cops musta been like "WTF?!"


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I have to admit Ive seen funnier, but this is awsome. It's more clever than it is funny.

It is funny, that is all i can say! I don't know what I'd do if that passed me! I honestly don't!

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Lol that might be a little better than pulling a JC thats pretty good, its damn good =]

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I absolutely love it, it's hysterical. I've pictured Joe in that position many times....don't bend over Joey Boy!

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fuck yeah! go texas!

....or not. lol

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