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It is funny, that is all i can say! I don't know what I'd do if that passed me! I honestly don't!

2 points

No, 1) Why would they get an abortion, if they took dontated sperm to get pregnant! Like Freinchichick said, it'll be a waste of money on both terms! 2) Why should you or me care on this matter? I know I've said this before, but it is none of our business! If I choose to fall in love with a chick later on in life, then it'll be my business and my "chick-friend"?

Why can't we just become friends with them? Who says we have to kill them all? If you go looking for friends you'll find them, if you go looking for enemies you'll find them alot faster. Trust devlops over time, we've pretty much screwed them over so far. Why can't all hate be put aside, we live on the same planet and we will always.

3 points

I totally agree with you, they don't need to be doing that stuff. Mistakes are there for a reason and when you mess up, there consequences like pregnancy or a STD!

2 points

Um....No! The whopper will dissapear in a few seconds, and friends last forever!(well I geuss that depends on how close you guys are!)

Why does in matter if you have welfare or not! IT MAKES NO SINCE!!!

0 points

OK this is ridiculous, but my friend has a job a few months ago. It was a home job to be honest and occasionally she'd go see her boss only to get yelled at. So we let chickens and goats go around the building, ridicious yes! Funny Defiantly

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