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Is Nothing Something to Fear?

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we have nothing to fear .. but fear itself .......... and snakes and spiders

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yes having nothing is a fear and that is why everyone works :)

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Alan Watts states that the fear of nothingness-after-death that permeates our thought, is unnecessary, as if there was nothing, it is not an experience, and thusly it cannot be fear-inducing if it cannot be experienced.

From a personal perspective, I find nothing to be greatly incomprehensible, but well-established human sciences state otherwise. Nothing is dealt with quite often in many scientific fields, and as such, I'm better off doing some casual thing rather than contemplating on a resolved and irrelevant matter.

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You can experience getting stabbed in the face, but you can't experience nothing. Cuz if there was nothing, then you would not exist.

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Interesting that the wicked flee when no man persues . . . the guilty jump at their own shadows

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We can't experience nothing.

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Cartman(18192) Disputed
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Uncharted territory is scary as hell.

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