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I want one Leave well enough alone
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Is the world ready for splash-less toilets in homes?

splash-less toilets

Airplanes have splash-less toilets so the technology is there. Why can't we get them for our homes yet?

I want one

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Leave well enough alone

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I'm just sick and tired of getting splashed every time I yell, "Bombs away!" Tired of the cold, pissy water and the little bit of TP sticking to my cheeks as I try to wipe them dry. The whole ordeal makes me sick! :P

Sorry, slow day ;)

Side: I want one
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Here here, all for the non-splash toilet, say "aye"


Side: I want one

The Ayes have it.

Side: I want one
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because in Australia, land down under, good ol land of oz all that crap, you cant go to the toilet without it splashing all over the place

its just not right

just like every true australian knows how to work a barbeque and a mower a toilet is not a toilet with out the splash effect

Side: Leave well enough alone