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True. Wait..., what? No!!!
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It is a waste of time to down vote joe_cavalry.


joe_cavalry has more than 33,000 points.  He has been here for 5 years!!!  Even if your down vote lowered his points (which they don't.  Down votes lower **your** points) it would take a lot of down votes and over a year to reduce his points by any considerable amount.

However, it makes you feel any better, then down vote all you want ;)


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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People who down vote are usually mad at something I have said. Then they down vote me thinking that it will make them feel better but then they see my avatar (a laughing dog) laughing at them for their silliness ;)

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joecavalry(40134) Clarified
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If you get angry, you lost the argument. It means that you are not able to counter your opponent's argument with a logical one. A down vote is an admission of defeat ;)

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Exactly. lol

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I support you. You make the site awesome. .

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