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Maybe what the black community is trying to say is that

Maybe what the black community is trying to say is that the police should not have the power to kill anyone; for any reason.


Maybe what the white community is trying to say is that people should not do anything that makes cops fear for their life.


Maybe what I am trying to say is that we are not going to solve this problem any time soon; especially here on CD ;)


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maybe not

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This is stupid none of this true. I know because I am black. And you guys should just shut up.

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OK. Please tell us your perspective.

NOTE: I didn't get defensive. I am not defending any position. I'm being respectful. I'm not even going to use my signature smiley face. I just want your point of view.

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I am only 15 all I know is that riots and cops shooting shouldn't happening in Gods world.

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Maybe the shootings and the riots are a good trade off ;)

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joecavalry(40134) Clarified
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If it were NOT a good trade off, then a solution would have been found by now. I mean, shit gets done when you set a fire under someone's ass ;)

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The real black community in Ferguson MO has been largely ignored by the news media. Why would that be? Because black community leaders calling for calm are not nearly as exciting to talk about as a mob of looters. Black clergymen speaking to their congregations about the need to remain nonviolent, are not able to catch the attention of the news media in the same way as Al Sharpton, spewing hatred and phony promises.

MUCH of the violence can be laid directly at the feet of the news media. Young black men are shot and killed everyday in this country. Where is the news coverage of all those deaths. Nowhere to be seen outside of local news. Why --- Because its a common, everyday event until there is a racial slant to be taken. Delivering the news is, in essence, a business where journalistic integrity is trumpeted by profit.

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Any fool that judges this police officer for self defense and never says word one about the vast vast majority of thousands of Black men being killed by other Black men, is waste of our time. Their intellect is beyond stupid.

IT IS ENTIRELY POLITICS! Democrats live to incite any tragedy that furthers their desire to get the Black vote. They would take us back to the racist days decades ago to get elected.

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