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OK, these questions are only for hermaphrodites, it's not for the rest of you


OK..., now..., I'm serious..., this has been bugging me for quite some time now.

When I tell you people to go fuck yourselves..., can you really do it?

I mean..., can you bend it around and shove it in there?

Do you complain about your boobs or do you go to town on them?

Do you use cheesy pick-up lines on yourself?

Do you call yourself in the morning?

Do you cheat on yourself?

How do you decide who goes on top?

Do you sit, or stand, when you pee?

Do you force yourself to cuddle afterwords?

How do you 69?

Is oral sex a draw back to the whole hermaphrodite thing?

Do you need porn or just a mirror?

Do you ask yourself if those pants make your ass look fat?

Do you tell yourself to go make you a sandwich?

You know..., I'm just asking.

People want to know and they're too lazy to Google this stuff.

Some people are very apprehensive about Googling this stuff.

I mean, who wants the word hermaphrodite to show up in their search history?

And even though I told the non-hermaphrodites to stay out...,

I bet you they showed up all curious and shit.

One last question.

Do you drive yourself nuts when you're on PMS?



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I might have another question to add:

Do bisexuals find hermaphrodites attractive or abominable?

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It is possible to screw yourself without being a hermaphrodite...

A hand is a part of yourself, right?

All you have to do is grab...

a drill, and screw yourself with it with a screw.

It might hurt though, so I suggest you don't do it.

Unless you are one of those people who love pain...

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OK, now see..., this is exactly the kind of crap I was trying to avoid. When I said, It's not for the rest of you..., I meant you. ;)

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Oh, but you see, I have wings now, I'm flying above you.

I cut a slit in my upper-pelvis with a wangy rubber sword and now I'm a hermaphrodite! O:

I hover over your computer desk, but then I get a random seizure and fall on the computer and snap my neck.

No, I didn't snap my own neck, it was that naked Albino person that sneaked in last night, (He was hiding in your closet) and he ran out from the closet and snapped my neck when you weren't looking.

See, you can find him now... he is standing right behind you.

But don't worry, my body has somehow tapped in with a broken, but live wire from your computer, and it is twitching me- sending my foot abruptly into the Albino's face.

He flops to the ground and the electricity from the computer takes on a defibrillator effect that revives my body.

Hurrah! I am alive!

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OK..., I'm not a hermaphrodite but I'm hoping that you really can follow through when someone tells you to go screw yourself. I mean..., that would be so cool ;)

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