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True. Wait..., what? No!!!
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The real root cause of school shootings and the only logical solution.

There are more gun owners than there are high school students.

A shooter is a gun owner and a high school student.

Divide the number of shooters by the total number of gun owners and you get the percentage of gun owners who are shooters. This percentage is small.

Now divide the number of shooters by the total number of high school students and you get the percentage of high school students that are shooters.  This is a larger percentage compared to the one above.

Clearly high school is the problem.  I say we ban high school.


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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Do the math people. ;)

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That was very droll.

You have gone further than most people and have highlighted the gun problem in well researched detail.

You join the herd however by not presenting your realistic proposals to address the ongoing madness of an over abundance of guns and the criminal negligence of our politicians, past and present, by sidestepping the introduction of effective profiling of all known existing gun owners and firearm licence applicants.

This is a time for President Trump to show LEADERSHIP and make the decisions which will be unpopular with some, but that will have to be made sooner or later.

I was in New York State last October and near to the orchard where I was buying some pumpkins there was a gun auction at which, I was told .anyone could buy weapons without permits or identification.

If this is correct, then the inmates are definitely running the lunatic asylum.

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You're taking this whole issue way too seriously ;)

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It sounds to me like you are becoming a DIVIDER! We already have enough of those! :-)

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