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Yes, that's gross Nah, it's already dead
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When driving, should one strive to avoid running over road kill?

I live in the country and there's a lot of road kill.  I have to decide (not only whether I should run over the road kill, but also) whether I should run over the animal eating the road kill ;)

Yes, that's gross

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Nah, it's already dead

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That's just flat-out disrespectful. I've just done an art project on roadkill as something I've overlooked in my everyday life, and it's not hard to become attached to something you visit every day, even if it's dead.

Side: Yes, that's gross
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I think that if you can go around the road kill, do it. If going around it causes danger on yourself, then run it over.

Side: Yes, that's gross
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Although i would prefer people not run over road kill or little fluffy animals or w/e

I think it best to only swerve / break to avoid impact of animals alive or dead only when safely able to do so.

A lot of fatalities have been caused by drivers trying to avoid collisions with animals.

Side: Nah, it's already dead

Running over road kill multiple times just tenderizes the meat for the animals that eat the road kill ;)

Side: Nah, it's already dead