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 Why are there so many Final Fantasy games? (20)

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Why are there so many Final Fantasy games?

It's like none of them are really the



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Because they are each different fantasies that are reaching their finales. o,o

So which one is going to be the real final one? ;)

Well they're not called "The Final Fantasy"...

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I don't know really but they are pretty good games.

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I always wondered the same thing, and right now there are 14 of them and more to come lol.

My favorite ones were ff2 and ff7, never played the online mmo version.

Are FF2 and FF7 still available? Maybe through Steam? I'm not a good Googler ;)

joecavalry(40160) Clarified
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joecavalry(40160) Clarified
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Looks like FF7 can be obtained from Steam.

Is that your understanding too? ;)

joecavalry(40160) Clarified
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FF2: was for the super nintendo, this was my first ever RPG , this game started it all for me when it comes to fantasy role playing games.

FF2 :

FF7: I did see it on steam, this game has some epic story telling, IMO on of the best RPG I have ever played