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 the history curriculum (4)

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the history curriculum

I have recently wondered how history leasons differ in other countries, therefore i set up this debate to find out what other people learn in history in there country

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for example over here ,where I live, in england,we study this:

primary school: romans,vikings egyptians,greeks and a breif history on stuarts victorians and saxons

secondary school:yr7-saxons and medival britain

yr8-victorians and stuarts

yr9-WWI & WWII(and the holocaust)

yr10(year i am currently in)-america during the wars

it would be intresting to know what other countries want there children to know as I heard that some countries don't teach their children about the holocaust.

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Sigh... the classes I took in my nation went along the lines of this...

Primary: Creation of the nation, a brief history of the UK, Canadian studies (year 4), History of the USA up to the Lincoln Assassination, History of the Portuguese empire (WHY? I don't know)...

Secondary: WWI, WWII (but not the Warsaw uprising or invasion of Madagascar, both awesome), French Vietnam, US Korean War... Cold War, History of communism ( 2nd Best class ever in basic schooling), History of Afghanistan and Iraq (Best class in basic schooling).

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New York State:

Yr 1-3 General all topic history.

Yr 4 Pre 20th century NY

Yr 5 Miscellaneous again.

Yr 6 Ancient Civilizations.

Yr 7-8 American history.

Yr 9-10 World history.

Yr 11 American history.

Yr 12 Government and Economics or Macroeconomics.

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Classifying history is silly..

For example..

Some technology from '43 is now prominent in 2010.

Roman roads somewhat define the world rail grids NOW.

Who Was Tamerlane..And why is he forgotten.

The WEST. And brit history applauds Montgomery.. Yet he was a fool.


EDIT: i 'touch' appon issues. 4 decades of reading?