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1 point

I think of as similar to the burning of a national flag, tremendously disrespectful but should be protected as a "freedom of expression\" thing.

1 point

Sigh... the classes I took in my nation went along the lines of this...

Primary: Creation of the nation, a brief history of the UK, Canadian studies (year 4), History of the USA up to the Lincoln Assassination, History of the Portuguese empire (WHY? I don't know)...

Secondary: WWI, WWII (but not the Warsaw uprising or invasion of Madagascar, both awesome), French Vietnam, US Korean War... Cold War, History of communism ( 2nd Best class ever in basic schooling), History of Afghanistan and Iraq (Best class in basic schooling).

1 point


1.) easier to read...

2.) can't be destroyed by EMP, or magnets.

3.) Tradition!

4.) Easier to use.

1 point


1.) Saves trees and resources...

2.) Can carry thousands wherever you go.

3.) Cheaper...

4.) Can read in the night with a good screen...

1 point

If you want the short version look below this long paragraph on my views...

Your suggestion just promotes Videocracy and Logocracy, neither of which I care for... game shows (with a couple of exceptions) make a nation weaker by giving the people needless entertainment which offers no improvements of self/community, rather than say some shows in which teach you skills you want to know (How to use a gun efficiently(US & Swiss only), how to run a business... How to program software, how to get into politics, ect.) As in the long run it would strengthen the people, rather than make them non-knowledgeable.

I meant the suggestion as a joke! If you want that type of show go on ahead, in fact I think many people would want one like that. ( you could get [$]rich[/$]).

Have to go...

2 points

Simpler idea.

Make the border a death course with tons of traps... have it watched by video cameras. Make it a game show. Anyone who crosses the border successfully gets the citizenship (they deserve it, you get the best of the best in your nation too). Have it televised as a weekly show, watch the ratings go up and boost the economy.

However I would totally be up for what you said (the US already is a secular nation... the in god we trust got added in the 20th century. The "under god" thing came out of the cold war. Not intended at the creation of a nation, unless you take Texan history classes.). More civil rights and business freedoms is what you suggested, and who doesn't want that?

1 point

It's not computer speak! It's math speak, you just as easily have spoke about unary (there are 11 types of people here... 1=1 11=2 111=3 ect. Think counting on your fingers.).

Digital computers use binary, however analog computers use decimal...

Anyways it's fun to use your home IP ( and give it too hackers to try to get you (if they are stupid, their computers will suffer! :))

1 point

The human body is made up of chemicals, those chemicals have a price ($25.00 USD iron, carbon all that fun stuff). Of course also tying in organ donations you get the human body worth about 10 mil (getting all the antibodies, the eggs or sperm, heart, liver, lungs, genes, ect.).

In my personal view the human life is only worth as much as the body. So 10 mil.

1 point

Uh sorry, I just looked up operation wetback and I see some images in my head... Here is one of them..

Officer: Hey burrito boy come 'er

Pedro(Ha Ha sterotypes): But sir...


Pedro: I don't have them sir..

Officer: You are coming with me.

After some filing at the police station.... (sorry for the plot hole)

Officer: You are going back to Meheeco...

Pedro: No I am a legal citizen!

Pedro runs away fearing being taken away from his home

The officer fires at him, killing him

In the end the Officer gets off free, for Pedro resisted rightful justice or something like that.

..............................................................................Alright, I think that would be OK (not pedro's fate, merely the operation wetback). I just worry about the potential abuse this could have.

1 point

At which point once they drove back the Muslims they invaded their territory (and Jerusalem).

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