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excon's Reward Points: 14555

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Just how fake are left wing polls?
1 Added Argument Biden considering a pro Castro cult follower for running mate
4 Added Argument Biden ahead of Trump in the polls
1 Added Argument ANTIFA outed by his grandma. Turns out she is a Trump supporter.
2 Added Argument Comey/Mueller Had Mounds Of Evidence Against Epstein And Did Nothing
1 Added Argument Abolish police & we create our own that don't wear badges or identify themselves
1 Added Argument Is being transgender okay? Should we support them and the transgender movement?
2 Added Argument Is obedience to the establishment system a virtue?
1 Added Argument Thousands march in Berlin demanding the end of the lockdown
4 Added Argument Will Derek Chauvin get an unbiased Jury?
1 Added Argument Nike lays off 500 employees, then donates $40 million to the left
2 Added Argument What if it is cheaper to provide a living wage than to incarcirate?
1 Added Argument Is being transgender okay? Should we support them and the transgender movement?
1 Added Argument Republicans to Trump: You can't delay 2020 election
1 Added Argument Having saw the Democrats' behavior during Barr hearing, I'm ashamed for America
1 Added Argument White ANTIFA members calling black cops the N word to their faces
1 Added Argument If 10,000 right wingers rushed the capitol building, do you think they'd use rubbers bulle
1 Added Argument Excon says if we can stop Nazism, we should, but he doesn't
1 Added Argument Facebook blocks post as false information, left wing outlet covered same info
4 Added Argument Democrats don't vote for black Republicans. Is that sytemic racism?
1 Added Argument Why is it that blacks are getting killed, and only the right cares
1 Added Argument Why Are Racists Often The Last People To Realise They Are Racists?
1 Added Argument Is There Any Cure For Fascism?
1 Added Argument The more minorities become Republican, the more the left attacks minorities

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