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ironskillet's Reward Points: 220

Points When What Where
2 Added Argument Our States can no longer say no to Gay marriage but they must say no to nativity scenes!
1 Added Argument Why are almost all atheists young white males......
0 Added Argument We should war with atheists and make America Christian
1 Added Argument Why did God create people He knew would reject Him?
2 Added Argument Why doesn't God Stop Evil?
1 Added Argument New Islamic Decree: Lust for daughter not a sin? What?
7 Added Argument Gay man says homosexuality a mental disorder? Is he right or wrong?
1 Added Argument Do you think God is good?
1 Added Argument Google now flagging and burying "Offensive" content
1 Added Argument Can I be personally opposed to, but prochoice about abortion?
2 Added Argument Is homosexuality a mental disorder?
2 Added Argument Is homosexuality a mental disorder?

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