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RSS CrotchOfMao

Reward Points:65
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1 point

Was I entertained WATCHING the right wing COMPLETE their theft of Obamas Supreme Court pick???

Amazing. Democrats create rules, then say it's "theft" or "unfair" when they are applied exactly as libs applied them in the past.

Video proof

1 point

Sex crimes prosecutors would LOVE to have a 3rd person present when a supposed offence occurs.. This time, we HAD one, but he wasn't interviewed under oath.. As a matter of fact, they let him write a letter, and that was just hunky dory for the right wing.

The letter said "Ford is lying, and it never happened," and you even got it in writing. Did you need to hear him say she was full of shit?

4 points

Are we gonna continue to hamstring the FBI by putting blinders on them?? You're NOT gonna find corroboration if you don't LOOK for corroboration..

What would you call Democrats sitting on the allegation for months?

1 point

We know that liberal men like to touch anyone and anything but women.

-3 points
3 points

The right to VOTE, WITHOUT it being gerrymandered to the advantage OF those "extreme" conservatives that have TAKEN OVER the Republican Party!

The Republican Party is further left than it has ever been.

THEY are truly "godless"

1)Wouldn't that make us the same as liberals?

2)Then why do Democrats complain about Conservtive stances on God?

You're playing both sides of the fence here.

AND leading U.S. toward a dictatorship, whatever political view you want to call it!

We just went through 8 years of a man spying on us, pandering to nations that shout "death to America", and being targeted by the IRS.

2 points

A "true, honest judge" … that LIED through his teeth UNDER OATH

Citation needed.

3 points

Presidential slogans

Gerald Ford

He’s Making us Proud Again

Ronald Reagan

It’s Morning Again in America

John McCain

Country First

Mitt Romney

Believe in America


Jimmy Carter

A Leader For a Change

Walter Mondale

America Needs a Change

Barack Obama

Change We Can Believe In

3 points

You don't understand what a conservative is Excon. You assume they are like Liberals. They aren't. Conservative means you don't go around changing and destroying everything, but protect what is there. Liberal means you are constantly changing things and destroying them with no concern with the aftermath.

The themes of each ideology can be summed up with one word for each.

Liberal = change

Conservative = patriotism

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