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1 point

You don't seem to want to listen to numbers, so I'll try feelings and morality. I oppose this new wave of feminism, because I don't believe that this truly for equality. Feminist groups consistently harass, boycott, and in some cases even shut down Men' Rights meetings. If feminists were so pro-equality, they would want to extend the olive branch to Men's Rights groups instead of trying to silence them. (This is where my bias in the matter probably lies). First-wave feminism fought for Women's suffrage. Second-wave feminism fought for workplace rights. Now, third-wave feminism is fighting for the right for women to engage in self-destructive practices and get away with, while they make sure that men can't.

1 point

Firstly, I never accused you of lying. Don't make character charge on me like that.

Secondly, the wage gap cannot work because it is economically illogical. This gained traction because the narrative is usually stronger than the truth. The truth is troublesome and dangerous, because the truth suggests that people make choices and their are ramifications for those choices. There is a law on the books that prohibits discrimination towards someone because of gender. Also, if you truly believed that women were getting paid 77 cents for every dollar a man makes, only women would be working. Why? Because those supposedly corporations would just hire women all day and just simply pay them less. Once again, statistically speaking, Women who work 40 hour weeks earn 88 percent of what men make. That doesn't mean that men and women work the same amount of hours overall. Turns out, many women who are married and have kids take the time out to have their kids. It's not surprising then that single women who have not married earn 96% of what men make. The 4% difference? That take into the account that men on average work riskier jobs and take on jobs with a higher risk of firing. It's also proven that men take on degrees that are in the STEM subjects more then that of women, and are more likely to ask their boss for a raise.

As for abortion, nobody has the right to kill an unborn child. That's not a reproductive right. Contraception is also more accessible than it has ever been in human history, so at this point is actually irresponsible to conceive a child you do not want.

Onto the rape culture topic, there is no doubt that rape and domestic violence are worth while things to talk about. However, it is also worth noting that there has never been any rapist in the history of the world that decided not to rape thanks to a Joe Biden service announcement. The fact that rape and domestic violence is on the rise is also nonsense. From 1995-2012, sexual assault victimization has declined by 58%, domestic violence fell by 63%, and serious intimate partner violence against women has dropped 72%.

That's why I'm saying that it's a great time to be women, and also why we don't need anymore of this whinny feminist B.S.

I don't know what else to say, if this isn't black and white enough I don't know what is.

1 point

The reason I say that is because women are the most successful than they have ever been in American History. The theories that feminist propose are economically and socially illogical. The wage gap is a myth, abortion is still infanticide, the rape-culture B.S., etc. I don't understand why these people have a sense of moral superiority to the rest of us?

GodBlessUSA(80) Clarified
1 point

Ok...what exactly is your question?......................

GodBlessUSA(80) Clarified
0 points

I have responded to your questions. You just don't like the answers.

1 point

What's problematic is the fact that you believe that women are somehow under serious threat here in the United States. Things have never been better for women in the United States. I don't really understand what your getting at with "gender-specific" clothing. All clothing is gender-specific, that's why at department stores your have a men's and women's side for different clothing. With the idea of it being "not conductive to environments where the standing temperature is than that of the female body", the average human temperature is 98.6*F and I think it's a safe bet to say that people normally start feeling uncomfortable way before that environmental temperature is ever reached. This is exactly what I'm talking about here. Third-wave feminism is a joke! People is the Western World are complaining about having to wear a dress, meanwhile women in the Middle East are suffering from massive human rights violations. Why doesn't feminism direct it's resources over there?

1 point

Women aren't allowed to wear pants during interviews because it's a dress code. I have to wear a suit and tie to interviews, and I freaking hate it. It's called having class though. Sorry I didn't make the rules. Firms also have a tendency to pay women less because on average they work less hours, and don't hold as many executive positions in high-end companies. With that said, there is absolutely nothing stopping women from entering these managerial positions, except for individual zeal and determination to succeed in the workplace. Why do leftist individuals always paint women as the "victims" in the Western World?

1 point

The wheel was invented in Mesopotamia. Not the Indus Valley. (You can look it up).

1 point

It also seems pretty arrogant to believe that women in the Western World are at the same risk as women in the Middle East. But, your right though...screw those women in the Middle East, because women here are SO oppressed...In what way in the western world could a women be oppressed? Give me an example or a specific case?

1 point

Women can go into into combat the day that they have to sign up for the selective service system. It's not discriminatory at all. When you have never registered with the selective service system, you can't go into combat.

As for Walmart, I don't know about that. If you could point to a specific case, I'll be happy to defend or oppose it with you.

As for Arabic countries, the existence of a government doesn't mean that a nation is developed. The Indus Valley civilization had a governmental structure, but they didn't even know the concept of the wheel existed.

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