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RSS Immaculate

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Porn sex is nothing like real sex because of the reasons why it is carried out and because of the negative impacts it generates.

Porn sex, as it is, is a method in which producers earn money and a method where consumers derive oddly attained satisfaction which may even lead to RAPE.

In South Korea, a 14 year-old teenage boy was charged with the rape of a 9 year-old girl because he wanted to replicate the sex scene which he saw in the Porn movie! Both lives are ruined.

Furthermore, porn sex PROMOTES LUST.

Media is an extremely effective method to instill warped thoughts in humans. With access to such things so easily, men will watch it more and get affected more and may carry out weird activities on poor victims.

Hmm, they should just stay at home and wank or get prostitutes. Please, and thank you.

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