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RSS Myrtel

Reward Points:54
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1 point

Err, ? what ??? I can see that you are what judge Judy would describe as "cooked"!! Good luck with the debate.

1 point

Are you a Nazi ?? you sure do sound like you are. Marching behind a maniac leader because you lack the capacity to think beyond the width of your ears. If you dont get it, re the Bankers, it explains your limited argument. Oh, so you want a debate ???? did not realise it !!! It is impossible to debate with a bigot - hence the definition of "BIGOT" !! I actually live in a villa on a Greek island where the people are renowned for tolerance and caring for their fellow man. I would like to be partaking in "your debate" if ever you start one. (no offence - as i dont pretend to know you)

1 point

The Banking fraternity has crippled half the world - wow, they are so clever !!!

the "intelligent" ???? middle classes will be paying for it without any active protesting. (Brainy lot these middle classes) Darwinism did not stop an idiot such as Bush GW becoming your president. He even fiddled the vote and the "greatest democracy on earth" ? allowed him to get away with it. Of course i blame the Pizza delivery boys - their impact on the political will of the people is tremendous.

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About Me

"I was born and raised in Dublin Ireland. Lived in UK many years. Interests: Boxing - Sea Fishing - Law -Humour. Top People - Muhammad Ali - Martin Luther King - Paul Robeson - Ghandi - Tony Benn. The Beatles. Dislikes - Corruption by rich people in powerful positions especially Politicians."

Biographical Information
Name: john 
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Other
Country: United Kingdom

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