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Really?? Just how many people do you need to kill to be a bad kid??

Well, here it is again. The videos of him being chased by armed, grown men (Rosenbaughm was 36. Rittenhouse had just turned 17.) while being a kid and fired upon have been plastered all over this site. If you watched those videos you know he was fired upon and tackled while chased by a mob. His only sin was that he wasn't fast enough to escape. He was found innocent on all charges. That means you have zero interest in facts or are in the echo chamber listening to what the rich people in the establishment decided you should think today.

You and the establishment have quite the deal going on. They whistle, you run over, wag your tail, they stay in the house, and your ass stays outside in the rain where they think you belong. They tell you what goes and what doesn't, pat you on the butt, and you parrot everything they told you today with an empty bowl. Pretty sad to watch. I'd help you out, but you'll just run back to the yard to be beaten again by your owners.

1 point

equal well more than the white world, by imperialistic force.

Shut up you retard. Whites invaded the Americas (North and South), Australasia, Eastern Europe AND most of the Middle East

You mean the British in most of your examples, to be specific. America fought their attempts at imperialism. Remember?

Most of the Americas are brown skinned peoples who speak Spanish.

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