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RSS Omnesiah

Reward Points:165
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1 point

Give her a real gun... Come on we all know she can handel the big toys now.

1 point

Actually you just said the exact opossit of what is true. If he was neither races, what races would he be? There is no "niether race" that would leave him utterly raceless. No he's all of the above combined. That was honestly one of the worst arguments ive ever seen in my entire life. Please excuse yourself from this discusion.

1 point

Makes sense, but khorne will come and end the days of humanity. No pitty, no torture, just brutal slaughter of the world as a tribute to the blood god.

1 point

I say we ban women in general. All they do is make sandwiches, give birth, and other things like clean. They are not necesary for life. LOL, jking. This side of the argument is impossible to impose so it really dosn't matter what you say.

1 point

Do you know how much more distance a gun has? Do you know how much harder it is to get a clean kill on deer with a bow? Personally i don't want anything to suffer. Obviously you've never hunted before or you'd realize how useful of a tool it is. Everyone just assumes that every gun is going to be misused and will kill people. Even if guns get outlawed criminals will just get their guns through illegal manors. Only law abiding citizens will be punished by this law.

1 point

Guns are only dangerous in the hands of people with mental problems. When a gun is utilized, it can be a very helpful tool to have. You can use them for hunting, to get food without spending allot of money, which is very helpful in the economy nowadays. Shooting targets is also a very fun sport. Its also a stress reliever. Guns are not a danger to the public, its the people who use them that are.

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About Me

"I belive in wiccan/shinto, pretty much a mix of the two belifs. Love argueing and i'd be glad to prove you wrong :) Play Xbox and Airsoft. Rock a G&G;FN2000. Currently a Pistol owner and i love shooting. Gamertag: MyFartsECH0. Youtube: ThT Clan"

Biographical Information
Name: Tyler 
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Libertarian
Country: United States
Postal Code: 06415
Religion: Wiccan
Education: High School
Websites: Youtube

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