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SgtBarnes(34) Clarified
1 point

I was not being totally sarcastic. I agreed with him/her that crime is down from 30 years ago but it is not nearly over. So I gave the stats to prove my point.

1 point

{you come back with examples of how crime is still going on}

Uh...crime is not still going on?

{it just comes across as if you weren't listening.}

Oh, I was listening. But I also told you that the crime stats of 30 years ago didn't concern me. They have gone down, but marginally. When Giuliani became mayor of NYC, the Republican mayor brought the murder rate down from over 2,000 per year to about 600 per year. Bloomberg followed suit and brought it down to about 300 per year. Strong Republican leadership and strict law enforcement. Now, de Blasio has weakened law enforcement and there is a 16% increase in murders.

I gave you the stats for the2014 and 2015 murders in Chicago. Ignore them, if you like, but don't tell me you are much better off. You may be, but the

SgtBarnes(34) Clarified
1 point

{ you don't have to double post a reply if you forget something.}

Yes, but I have my reasons for a separate reply. If I keep appending to a reply, people/you may not read it. It would be too long, in some cases, and I would get a reply of TL;DR;

I've only been on this site for a short time and it is a little difficult to maneuver in. SodaHead had a much better layout for displaying issues and making replies. In this one, unless I match the levels of indentation of replies, I am not really sure who is responding to whom. I do not particularly care for the PRO and CON split screen or moving to a different screen to make a reply. I'm sorry that SodaHead went elsewhere, but this will do.

1 point

{You shouldn't believe everything you hear on the news :P}

{ respond by saying crime still exists. It's just silly.}

Hmm. I guess I shouldn't. Those links I showed you are filled with lies. I shouldn't believe everything I hear/read in the news. They never happened. Silly me saying that crime still exists.

My argument was not that of statistics from 30 years ago, it's about today. If a city has 50+ shootings and 10+ deaths over a holiday weekend, then Houston...we've got a problem.

1 point

{I believe he was using sarcasm when he said America is too violent.}

I don't think so. He seems to have quoted some whacky California organization to support his 'rape culture' argument. Thus, the sarcastic reply.

SgtBarnes(34) Clarified
1 point

I believe so, also. As concerns Chiraq, I will display only a few of the headlines which I researched.

Seven Killed, 29 Wounded In City Shootings Over Weekend

Chicago Shootings: 8 Killed, At Least 46 Wounded By Gun Violence Over Warm Weekend (VIDEO)

Chicago Shootings: 5 Killed, 21 Wounded Wednesday Into Thursday After Hot Holiday

4 Dead, 31 Wounded In Shootings This Weekend

Jesus Take The Wheel: 72 People Shot, 12 Dead In Chicago Over Holiday Weekend

Chicago: 52 Shot, 8 Dead in Weekend Violence

Chicago Weekend Shootings: 10 Dead, At Least 40 Wounded

Fourth of July weekend toll: 82 shot, 14 of them fatally, in Chicago

Interesting site for Chicago monthly murders: 2014/11/

Chicago Homicides for Jan- Nov 2014

Jan – 23

Feb – 21

Mar – 25

Apr – 36

May – 44

Jun – 40

Jul – 41

Aug – 48

Sep – 45

Oct – 34

Nov – 18 (as of 11/17/14)

Total to date: 495 homicides in Chicago.

1 point

Thank you, Mr. ISIS. Why can't American culture be as the peace-loving culture of the Middle East and Africa. We would be so much better off with a culture that accepts women being whipped in the streets for a minor dress code infraction or necklacing or just being hacked to death over tribal disputes. Yes, we should become like them, America is too violent a nation. Just ask the people in Chicago, South Central L.A., Oakland, St. Louis, Baltimore, New Orleans, etc. They'll tell ya.

1 point

It's a lousy statistic and unprovable. It's just a bunch of yada yada yada.

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