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RSS TheNotorious

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10 most recent arguments.

I said I can pull up thousands of gang violence murders that are done with Machetes.

The fact that people kill each other with machetes is a reason NOT TO GIVE THEM GUNS, not a reason TO give them guns. Omfg. Am I really explaining this to you?

If I was your English teacher you'd get a very low score for reading comprehension.

Were. Retard.

The percentage of psychopaths in the room is 100%. God you're a fucking no common sense dumbass.

Wtf? The claim was that more people have died since the invention of guns. Nothing you are saying has ANY RELATIONSHIP to that claim. The mental gymnastics performed by yourself and Amarel in order to avoid admitting you are completely wrong is RETARDED.

Less total homicides vs less percentage of homicides per the total population

That's right. Well done for finally getting something right. Unfortunately however, neither yourself nor Amarel have been honest enough to mention that the increased historical presence and jurisdiction of law were responsible for declining homicide rates.

If I put you in a room with 20 psychopaths, the room isn't safer because there are a total of more psychopaths outside the room.

And you are back into retard mode again. I have no idea what this even means. I told you to go back to school an hour ago. You honestly should have listened to me.

Homocide rates were much higher.

But there were much less homicides because there were much less people. Instead of just admitting you said something stupid, you try to distort language around it. Homicide rates mean absolutely nothing to the topic under discussion you idiotic prick.

I’ve already provided sources.

No, you have not, you idiotic liar. A source is something you link to verify a claim. Your sources did not verify your claim, which makes them blind link drops.

Look up any ancient battles

OK. How about the most famous battle in British history? Will that do?

The exact numbers present at the battle are unknown; modern estimates are around 10,000 for William and about 7,000 for Harold.


You made the broad sweeping claim

Demonstrably untrue. I responded to your (i.e. "Spud's") broad sweeping claim. The timestamps on the posts prove it, Nazi boy.

It shows that battles in the past consisted of more ground forces by far

No, it doesn't. Cherry-picking one particular battle off a Wikipedia page says absolutely nothing about any other battles. You're literally stupid.

First, you've given no evidence of this claim.

Completely false. I linked the Wikipedia pages so you can check for yourself. Everything you say -- literally EVERYTHING -- is a lie.

Second, even if it were true, it would be because populations are greater.

So your first point was to demand evidence I've already given you, and your second point was to make a random statement of fact supported by absolutely no evidence?? OMG you're such a stupid hypocrite. It's absolutely endearing. Lol!!

Third. Even if you could prove more deaths now

I have proven it. You need to use the past tense.

that would not disprove that without guns people still fight wars and still kill each other.

Then I suppose it's fortunate nobody except you has ever made that claim. All you seem to know how to do is LIE about what other people have said, isn't it, Nazi boy?


Fourth, based on the first three, this one is going to be stupid too. Not even going to bother reading it.

It's a lie to claim the Democrat Party isn't heavily supported by socialists.

You didn't claim the "Democrat Party is heavily supported by socialists". You literally claimed the Democrats were Communists and that you needed to "defeat them". You are a militant neo-Nazi RETARD.

Bronto, wtf does the size of the Persian army in the "Battle of Thermopylae" have to do with anything? Obviously a lot more people have died since the invention of guns, because since then we have had two world wars, which alone killed close to 100 million people.

Nothing you say is true. Everything you say is false. You're a retarded neo-Nazi imbecile who is still stewing about the three years he wasted cheating the points system on CD only to have his account banned for systematic abuse.

TheNotorious Lie counter: 81

You think it's a lie to point out that the American Democrat Party is capitalist? Bronto, you're literally retarded. Go away you stupid Nazi imbecile.

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