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With the help of German scientists.

Remind me again how the Americans got to the Moon. Whose rocket technology did they use?

Also, communism is not the reason for the USSR getting the first man into space.

I completely agree. However, I have a strong suspicion that you will take the opposing view if someone questions whether capitalism has been responsible for any of America's achievements. You strike me as a typical American hypocrite, tbh. Judging other nations for faults which your own is equally, if not more guilty of.

1 point

The United States has never collapsed in its history.

Don't be so naive. Your economy flatlined. It dragged down several major European economies with it. The only thing that revived it was socialism. The major banks were given huge (i.e. trillions of dollars) sums of taxpayer money by the government, without the people's consent. Hence, in the most ironic of all outcomes, Russia was saved by capitalism and the US was saved by socialism.

It worked exactly how it was supposed to work if how it was meant to work was to make everyone poor and create massive food shortages.

You can stfu about food shortages too you bizarre hypocrite.

41 million people struggle with hunger in the United States, including 13 million children and 5 million seniors

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