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RSS Johnnyboy46

Reward Points:211
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6 most recent arguments.

I can't get on youtube at the moment, so I'll give names of videos that you can search

Fall to pieces velvet revolver

separate ways journey

peace of mind boston

headstrong trapt

just a few of my favorites

Besame mucho- great song


Two things:

1. They have a right to fight for their country.

on the other hand...

2. They should be in separate sleeping quarters from the other soldiers.

I am a 14 year old kid.

I am thin.

Most of my belongings are in a backpack.

I say "God Bless You" all the time.

I do not shave.

I intern at a veterinary office.

My mother is single.

However, I am not homeless.

You cannot determine homelessness on a single generic template. The situation is different for everyone.

I think it is definetly still life. I mean, isnt the point of still life to catch the subject when it isnt moving? Like joecalvary said, just wait until the cars are all gone and paint away.

Can you say "Hitler"?! That was exactly his goal and look how that turned out! And no disrespect to Barack, but does anyone really want him in charge of THE WORLD? We're talking the entire planet! 6.3 BILLION people! His approval rate in the US is 46%. If that transfers to the world level, it would turn out to be that over 3 BILLION PEOPLE would be against him! That could cause serious problems for publicity, his family, and most importantly, his SAFTEY! With people like Osama bin Laden in this world, Obama would need much, much more than the 12 secret service guys that he has now.

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About Me

"I'd like to consider myself a musician. I enjoy political arguments, listening to music, playing music, and sleeping."

Biographical Information
Name: johnny szumski
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Catholic
Education: High School

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