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The real reason leftist are pushing for a lock down - keep their constituents alive

The people that want to go back to work are the people who need to work.  In other words, low income people.  These people makeup the Democrats base.  If we allow them to go back to work, there's a good chance they will perish.  If they die, there won't be enough liberals to vote for a Democrat running for president.  The Democrat party is trying to keep these people, their base, alive until November. 


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Wait..., what? No!

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My main concern is fixing rush-hour-traffic. I say let them go back to work so that a few months from now, there'll be less people on the road during rush-hour-traffic ;)

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The real reason is to force the economy to tank. If the economy tanks, conservatives with now jobs and/or money will turn liberal in order to vote for some benefits for themselves, i.e., like a living wage ;)

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The real reason leftist are pushing for a lock down - keep their constituents alive

Hello Joe:

Nahhh... It's so Fauci, Birx and their partner, Bill Gates, can get their vaccine company up and running..

Bwa, ha ha ha ha..


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Chinaman(3570) Clarified
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Hay stupid what does Bill Gates know about medication ? Dummy your stupidity never fails you but keep typing so we all know how Glaringly Stupid you are.

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