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What nice thing can you honestly say about the French?

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I have to admit, the French have made running away an art form that is unrivaled anywhere else on this Earth ;)

I would say that Napoleon was a total badass.

Quick tip about Napoleon:

He was actually 5' 7", he was not short.

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Uh, hot french chicks.

Hot french chicks and their hot accent.

Getting hot french chicks drunk on french wine.

and also french toast, made in the morning for me and brought to my bed by a hot french chick with a hot french accent :p

... and they actually have a worse rep then they deserve for that running away stuff. They had a pretty bad ass resistance and it's not like they could do shit else at that point. They'd have been crushed.

They were also one of the first to declare war along with Britain, we took our sweat ass time.

Do French chicks shave their pits? I know that liberals are into all that natural crap and the French are Uber liberal ;)

French fries ;)

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Draw me, like one of your French girls?

Is it complimentary to say that someone is so detestable that I'd rather be sodomised by a stun gun wrapped in rusty nails held by the mutant child of the elephant man and Rosie O'Donnell, than even say "bonjour" to a Frenchie?

La langue de français est très belle... :D

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I love their language.

It's so beautiful and fancy. I speak a little french, I would like to get better.

Vermink(1942) Disputed
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It's also hard to learn though ¬_¬ .........................................

The French gave us the Statue of Liberty and the French have great restaurants.