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10 most recent arguments.

You spelled choose wrong....6 times.

Why do you always put three periods and then a comma?

Example: "Wait..., "

Pro-Choice is a sexist concept. It only applies to women.

Pro-Choice doesn't give you much of a choice.

It sounds like what you're saying is that anything that has to do with only one gender, is sexist. If not, please clarify.

Pro choice does give you a choice. You can either continue the pregnancy, or seek an abortion.

The pro life argument eliminates abortion and mandates that you continue the pregnancy (barring rape, etc).

If you're joking, then ignore this.

What is the definition of theist? Definition of Theist

Atheism and theism in their most basic sense is merely the presence (theist) or absence (atheist) of a belief in a deity(s). Do newborn children possess a belief in a god? No. Atheist by default then.

Why do the majority of your arguments contain this as the opposing opinion: "Wait..., what? No!!!" ?

I bought windows 8 for 15 dollars yesterday with the special promo microsoft is running for people who purchased windows 7 laptops in the past ~6 months. It's pretty awesome, definitely exceeded expectations.

I prefer Hayley Williams over the other girl. But I don't think Hayley Williams is dumb....

Also, I thought women of the 50s were more submissive compared to the women today?

Beginning in the 1950s, society began to pressure women to move away from the image of “Rosie the Riveter”, to a more domestic image represented by such celebrities as Debbie Reynolds and Doris Day. The “perfect woman” demonstrated a new blend of sexuality, ignorance, and naivete, which was all over the media. Society pushed to persuade the American woman to a more domestic lifestyle and away from a professional life.

Supporting Evidence: Women of the 1950s (

Nonsense! I saw the video when it was a little baby, with just over a million views, making me roughly the millionthish person to see the video. I then watched it explode in popularity over the next few weeks.

I saw it before all of you. I'm accepting cookie donations through my paypal account.

I would say that Napoleon was a total badass.

Quick tip about Napoleon:

He was actually 5' 7", he was not short.

GeneralLee, Srom, and lolzors would be instructing the aliens that they were created by god, I'm sure.

If proof or evidence were uncovered that irrefutably proved that Jesus was gay, the overwhelming majority of Christians would cover their eyes and ears and pretend it didn't exist. They like to ignore evidence, most of them at least.

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