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Trump's first wife Melania Trump
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Who is the current first lady - Trump's first wife or Melania Trump?

Trump's first wife

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Melania Trump

Side Score: 3
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Hello j:

Whoopie Goldberg.. She was married to Trump first.


Side: Trump's first wife
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Lyudmila Putina...................................................

Side: Melania Trump
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We don't currently have a first "LADY", Melania is no lady. I hate to beat up on her, being married to djt she's to be pitied. But all the money in the world won't make up for her past. We've never had a centerfold as a Presidents wife before. So what do you call her the (very) first tramp?

Side: Melania Trump
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The first wife is ugly. The second is hotter. The Third is outta hand and hot.

Side: Melania Trump