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RSS BigOats

Reward Points:1326
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Looks like you might be working for Putin, because your "progressive good guys" acronym is so easily mistaken for the "Putin guys" acronym!

1 point

Which does a nice job of contradicting

You're a retard if you think I was contradicting anything. Particle physics is not plain classical quantum mechanics, it's relativistic quantum mechanics and that does not appear in the research paper. Not that you've read it of course. Since you're a google expert you don't need to bother yourself with actually reading the reasearch you yap your mouth about.

Your empty rhetoric is pointless because the entire website saw you post the equation t = -t1. You can't take that back.

Why the hell would I take it back? Your insistance on being a total retard does not mean I need to retract anything.

weasel your way out of it by spamming the phrase "simple variable substitution

What???? You fucking idiot, it is a simple variable substitution. I even made debate on here to explain what substitutions are: substitutionhelpssolvethe4thorderequation

Even a child would have understood what I meant by now. But you seem to be taking pride in having the cognitive abilities of a retard.

every person on this website with a grade school understanding of maths is laughing at your pure, unadulterated stupidity

I'll make another debate to see if this is true. A debate you will surely evade, just like you're pretending to be selectively blind in this thread.

2 points

You're trying to discredit my argument by agreeing with it.

I was agreeing specifically with your statement that time reversal can effectively take place in particle physics. Not that this has anything to do with the "experiment" you seem to be so excited with.

After completely discrediting yourself

You have no idea what mathematical equations are. That's OK for a journalist I guess, but your attempts to find what you think is a "mistake" are fairly idiotic and not even funny anymore.

1 point

Are you claiming to be telepathic now

No just reading other user's post on this site.

why that equation is mathematically impossible.

So time reversal in equations is mathematically impossible for you? This means you know nothing about math.

t = -t1 substitutes nothing. It gives you two different values for t.

It does no such thing. It means we are introducing a new variable t1 which is bound with the variable t as described. Writing "it gives two different values for t" could have been considered plain illiteracy had I not explained to you what the substitution means. Now it's just plain retarded and you're not even shying away from that, in fact seem to be proud of it.

BigOats(1326) Clarified
1 point

In fact, anti-particles like the positron can mathematically be considered to be ordinary particles moving back through time.

Finally you'we written someting relevant. But this has nothing to do with the recent "experiment" which wasn't even using quantum relativistic electrodynamics as is obvious from the research paper text. The wave function they were using is the ordinary wave function from classical quantum mechanics, not Dirac's 4-function from relativistic quantum mechanics.

1 point

Or I'll post your IQ in public.

Nobody cares what you post in public.

On a serious note, literally every small iota of credibility you ever possessed vanished when you wrote t = -t1.

You never explained what exactly is wrong with t = -t1. What's wrong with variable sunbstitutions? Here's a substitution which helps solve an equation: substitutionhelpssolvethe4thorder_equation

I used t1 deleberately for the new variable although it could have been any other variable name.

0 points

Shut up.

Or what?

On a serious note, you could make this site much better by refraining from posting such rubbish in the future.

1 point

What rating should be assigned to Buritto's "debates" about his penis?

1 point

Any luck so far ?

1 point

To the downvoter: care to explain yourself ?

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"I will not be politically correct. The truth shall set you free."

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