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1 point

And whose standards would these be...? Perhaps we need an independent adjudicator. ; )

1 point

I'm not sure I understand the point you're making. Just because white people may be less racist than other ethnic groups does not justify their racism. Also, no liberal is less condemning of the Arab Black slave trade than the American slave trade.

2 points

Liberals believe that minorities are better than whites.

I'm not sure I want to dignify this with a response, but I'll go ahead anyway. Liberals do not believe that any group is better than any other group, merely that minorities are more likely to suffer from prejudice and discrimination than the majority. Minorities are therefore in need of protective legislation. Just as you don't have to believe people in poverty are better than those with wealth to be in favour of charity or welfare, neither do you have to believe that minorities are better than the majority to believe they should be given additional support.

Liberals discriminate against whites by giving minorities groups preferential treatment and benefits paid for by whites.

Yes - funding that well known benefit for racial minorities costs me an arm and a leg... On a more serious note, being a liberal (as I understand it) involves a belief that everybody is entitled to their own personal freedoms. Racial minorities are more likely to have their freedoms taken from them due to discrimination from the majority. They are therefore in need of protective legislation, such as the numerous Race Relations Acts of the 1960s (as I have already mentioned). What you call preferential treatment I would call leveling the playing field.

Liberals bully whites by calling them names, taunting them and pretty much doing what they accuse whites of doing to minority groups.

Can I have an example of such a name or taunt? (Purely so I can use it next time I'm with another white person...). I'm not going to deny this ever happens, but I'm unaware of militant liberals touring the country in organised groups in true BNP or EDL fashion.

Liberals pretty much practice reverse discrimination against whites.

If a business run by predominately ethnic minorities instigated an employment bar on whites this would outrage many liberals. Liberalism is more a belief in equality, not superiority.

OliverJDH(131) Clarified
2 points

I'm sorry - since when did not accepting the status quo become the definition of unreasonableness?

1 point

Since when did accepting the status quo become the definition of unreasonableness? Progress is of course dependent on individuals and pressure groups lobbying for change, but to pursue change is not necessarily to be unreasonable.

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About Me

"An avid reader, athlete and socialite (or so I would like to believe) studying Mathematics, Further Mathematics, English Literature, History and Philosophy at College before heading to University. According to one online political compass I am more left-wing than Stalin and more liberal than Gandhi (which placed me as a Social Anarchist..) I lead a high school debating group, am involved in local politics and work in a small independant bookshop - an ideal life."

Biographical Information
Name: Oliver 
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Marital Status: In a Relationship
Political Party: Other
Country: United Kingdom
Religion: Atheist
Education: In College

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