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RSS SatintLater

Reward Points:283
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10 most recent arguments.

We cannot believe the polls whoever wins. there will be turmoil in the streets, and then the good ol' government will put us in a federal emergency state. initiate the bullshit powers that come with Obama's addition to Cogcon zero, and make the average citizen their bitch. starving the nation into submission for an absolute regime


God I hope I'm wrong.

non-newtonian race and genderfluid.*

I'm whatever I need to be in each situation ;P*

0 points

Biracial bastard! My culture is not a costume!

No proof anything can be, and needs to be done. LET IT ALL BURN



Even outside of religion, No action is truly Altruistic. It's a numbers game, If I save a close relative, I'm still basically passing on my genetics more than if I don't save that member. If I spread my excess resources, I gain favor with my community. attention and a flow of chemicals saying "I'm A "good" person"


Religion serves to strengthen ever present morality. if a God knows what you do in the dark, then no evil will take place to any person who truely believes that God, (Or Big brother) is watching.

they are two beings in one person. it's like what would happen if you could control multiple bodies. from a secret command center. you're both, and neither alone, but still some third thing all at the same time.

Becuase Isrealis are fucking badass. Also, because the female athletes are basically not allowed to go anywhere without the permission of their hubbies.

isn't that kinda the point of shock and awe? Strike early and strike often?


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Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Green Party
Country: United States
Religion: Hindu

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