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RSS Troy8

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1 point

He didn't, he demonstrated an entirely different issue.

It's literally the same situation, just flipped. I don't know about you, but flipping situations is one of the best ways to gain perspective.

My point is that he dismissed the initial, larger issue in a way that undermined the severity of it.

I mean, you can interpret it however you want, but the fact is that he never explicitly dismissed the issue.

I have already explained how he did that: He literally dismissed the initial topic by deflecting to a different one.

Well your explanation is not a great one. If someone starts a debate about one group committing violence against another, it's pretty ridiculous to think the opposite won't or shouldn't be brought up.

I would gladly engage in an alternate discussion on his topic, but nice try.

Apparently not. The only thing you've done is insisted that it shouldn't be discussed since it's not as large of an issue (which is a fallacy by the way).

1 point

He drew attention from the issue brought up and onto a different issue.

So? A lot of insight can be gained by demonstrating that the problem is more complex than OP made it.

The initial issue brought up is larger, both proportionally and as a sum, than the one he brought up.

I'm not going to argue against that and he didn't either. What's your point exactly?

I have never dismissed police shootings. But he has dismissed the shootings of black Americans.

Show me where he did that.

This "One or the other" bullshit is completely nonsensical.

You're the one propagating that by shutting down any alternate discussions.

1 point

That isn't what he said. To simply dismiss this dangerous trend of officers being shot is foolish.

1 point

Sure, it certainly isn't for everyone.

1 point

Clearly not abstinent lol

1 point

You do know that abstinence can't result in an abortion, right?

1 point

I don't think that's true at all. I guess I can't speak for all pro-lifers but I think it's a huge stretch to say that they don't want to teach safe sex.

1 point

Are you kidding me? Since when do conservative Christians support promiscuity?

1 point

You're saying pro-life don't care about sex? Ho-kay...

1 point

What? Who is this "they" you're talking about?

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