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RSS Monstrasitix

Reward Points:269
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It made sense where you mentioned the part about evolution, and that each living organism's features and capabilities are taken into consideration in their survival, and other food chains. - And environmentalists do help animals for a profit. I wonder if they would have no income for their work, would they still be nice for the animals? - I'll always remember George Carlin's words, "Earth has taken many damages through billions of years, and we worry about a plastic bottle in the field making carbon. Earth is ok and always will be. Humans are the ones who get fucked and wiped off the Earths surface, but not the Earth,"

Smile For The Camera. - One reason to be a monkey is healthy living beside tropical food. No wonder he was smiling.

So - If I manage to get married, and for the sake of the argument, our Kama Sutra poses would break the laws of physics and she gets mad at me for stretching her. Would I be able to blame you? If so then I'm in full agreement. - Jokes stay as jokes. But now seriously. - I don't know about other men but I would gladly say that I enjoyed sex with my wife if she did. After that I would feel pride, lots and lots of pride. And can you refer to rape sames as domination in a similar way? Well yes, sure. But wouldn't rape sound a bit violent than dominating? - No need to answer them, I'm just curious.

I'm the reason for Foster Homes existing. - And none of the less I still try, and try until I start to transfer something after what I get caught.

Since when I act as a beard lotion? - Probably because of my species decrease and lack of benefit so I got promoted.

I'm religious as long as her name is Mary. - And I like how you found a new way of exploitation for Christians to use towards teenagers.

Supporting Evidence: Naughty Mary. (

I came for a wank. And left satisfied. - Otherwise it would be a loss.

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About Me

"I'm a disgrace to humanity since the day I got born.- Even abortion didn't prevent my existence. Ya!"

Biographical Information
Name: Dima Orols
Gender: Male
Marital Status: In a Relationship
Political Party: Independent
Country: Ireland
Religion: Atheist
Education: High School
Websites: My Tumblr Page -Gory

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