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Are you sure they weren't pushing a BLT instead ?

I saw it as studying and not working. Scientifically defined:

Work = force x distance

How much distance can one go sitting on their ass?

If this is the case; Why are both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs college drop-outs?

I just hope he can run really fast .

Make sure you clean out the cob-webs when you find the "right individual".

Personally I see the 10 commandments of a rational debate as simply being a cop-out for those unable to hold their own. "All is fair in love and war." and debating should fall in their some where.

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To help with this debate, I thought examples are in order.

1. Though shall not attack the person’s character, but the argument itself. (“Ad hominem”)

Example: Dave listens to Marilyn Manson, therefore his arguments against certain parts of religion are worthless. After all, would you trust someone who listens to that devil worshiper?

2. Though shall not misrepresent or exaggerate a person’s argument in order to make them easier to attack. (“Straw Man Fallacy”)

Example: After Jimmy said that we should put more money into health and education, Steve responded by saying that he was surprised that Jimmy hates our country so much that he wants to leave it defenceless by cutting military spending.

3. Though shall not use small numbers to represent the whole. (“Hasty Generalization”)

Example: Climate Change Deniers take a small sample set of data to demonstrate that the Earth is cooling, not warming. They do this by zooming in on 10 years of data, ignoring the trend that is present in the entire data set which spans a century.

4. Though shall not argue thy position by assuming one of its premises is true. (“Begging the Question”)


Sheldon: “God must exist.”

Wilbert: “How do you know?”

Sheldon: “Because the Bible says so.”

Wilbert: “Why should I believe the Bible?”

Sheldon: “Because the Bible was written by God.”

Wilbert: “WTF?”

Here, Sheldon is making the assumption that the Bible is true, therefore his premise – that God exists – is also true.

5. Though shall not claim that because something occurred before, but must be the cause. (“Post Hoc/False Cause”).

This can also be read as “correlation does not imply causation”.

Example: There were 3 murders in Dallas this week and on each day, it was raining. Therefore, murders occur on rainy days.

6. Though shall not reduce the argument down to only two possibilities when there is a clear middle ground. (“False Dichotomy”)

Example: You’re either with me, or against me. Being neutral is not an option.

7. Though shall not argue that because of our ignorance, the claim must be true or false. (“Ad Ignorantiam”).

Example: 95% of unidentified flying objects have been explained. 5% have not. Therefore, the 5% that are unexplained prove that aliens exist.

8. Though shall not lay the burn of proof onto him that is questioning the claim. (“Burden of Proof Reversal”).

Example: Marcy claims she sees the ghosts of dead people, then challenges you to prove her wrong. The burden of proof is on Marcy, not you, since Marcy made the extraordinary claim.

9. Though shall not assume that “this” follows “that”, when “it” has no logical connection. (“Non Sequitur”).

Similar, but the difference between the post hoc and non sequitur fallacies is that, whereas the post hoc fallacy is due to lack of a causal connection, in the non sequitur fallacy, the error is due to lack of a logical connection.

Example: If you do not buy this Vitamin X supplements for your infant, you are neglecting your her.

10. Though shall not claim that because a premise is popular, therefore, it must be true. (“Bandwagon Fallacy”).

Example: Just because a celebrity like Dr. Oz endorses a product, it doesn’t make it any more legitimate.

Most guys these days need feminism since manual labor isn't being done by them. How else are they going to get calluses on their hands?

Just proves how much worse women drivers are, as you mentioned.

At least Joe's user pictures are getting easier to look at.

That would be like tempting Satan himself if he did so .


It is a better picture, but I don't think Joe wants everybody to know what he really looks like.

Apparently, they are sold to those that need them.

An atheist on a debate site that has mostly atheists, and you claim you're a minority. HaHa.

There are many Americans that don't believe in American democracy, because there isn't a democracy in America. What the people want is not what government does. This is because only the rich can be elected and the rich will only work for the rich.

As far as the initial point goes, not voting as no chance of changing anything. Voting has at least a small chance, a very, very small chance of changing things. When one bitches and does nothing but bitch, get use to be called a bitch.

Now about not arguing on a debate web-site; Why are you here? Go to Facebook, Twitter or some other site to socialize with your atheists friends.

All this coming from a bed wetter. Grow up and stop thinking you are the God you claim doesn't exist.

"He dares to be a fool, and that is the first step in the direction of wisdom." James Huneker

Where do you get your wisdom from? I forgot, you have none. You only side with what is popular, because you lack many things. Among that list is balls, brains, and the ability to see anything because your head is still up somebody's ass.

You just killed any credibility in this argument. Not that you ever had any with me to begin with.

This is the trouble with people like you, I never had any credibility with you because I never say what you want to hear. The only way that somebody can be credible to you, is to agree with you. I have balls and can stand just fine without the need for a butt buddy. If you would ever pull your head out of other people's ass, you might find the truth different then that black hole you've been stuck in.

Of course I made a sexist statement. I don't intend to be politically correct, ever. There are those who pussy foot around and those that do things, I'm the latter.

How is my statement exaggerated? Do believe what canidates say? There is no such thing as hyper-simplified, one cannot make something too simple and/or have too much of a simple thing.

Since you don't vote, in my opinion you should have no say. All you want to do is bitch like a little whiny woman. Grow a pair of balls and do more than bitch.

Maybe the economy will pick up and I'll have better lunch/suppers from the dumpster. In this economy the pickens are slim. I hope the fat cats get even fatter, so I can have what falls from the table. Nothing like a dumpster feast to get you through the day.

Hope is nothing but false promises that may never come to fruition. Not heartless, just realistic.

And yet people vote and expect a change knowing that those running do so on false promises. Do you vote? Why? If you don't believe in hope, then aren't you the biggest hypocrite in the world? Just being realistic.

You are correct, the shortage is man-made. Natural diamonds are handled in bulk with dump trucks and loaders, De Beers buys and stockpiles massive amounts of diamonds making them more expensive then they really are.

The lack of hope doesn't cause fear, only desperation. Fear is what scares you, not what you need.

......., should I feel the need for hope to begin with.

You should always have a need for hope, hope for others, hope that the hungery will be fed, hope that wars are avoided, etc. What are you, completely heartless?

Subjecting yourself to those that fits your point of view doesn't support the notion that people need God.........for the reasons of fear. We already live in a Godless world in regards to how people treat people. Most people don't need God, they want God. Fear is not the motive. To believe that this miserable existence we have as human has some purpose higher than what can be fathomed, is not fear but hope.

Who says? You? Hardly an expert on the subject of religions. Having a preconceived bias on religion only makes you prejudice against religion, not expert on religion.

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