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I cant believe you don't even notice your being trolled XD

animedude639(1576) Clarified
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Ok thanks for clarifying

animedude639(1576) Clarified
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Just a curious question when you say "non-religious deaths" are you saying there have been more deaths from causes that were not religious motivated or are you saying that more deaths are caused by people who are not religious at all?

I wish more women would follow Joe's beauty advice ;D

neither choice, Emma Watson isn't even that hot or cute. I suppose if I had to choose however I would go with having sex with Watson. Homosexual guys and heterosexual women get lucky ;).

We don't need them but its your choice to have a gun or not.

Oh its dirty alright ;D

Only you Joe ;)........... only you.

Not funny!

This one's....... rather interesting.

Cupcakes =3

It all depends on the situation for me really :/

I love Canada :)

Exactly dude, exactly ;D

Where talking about cartoon and video game logic here buddy there's no such thing as nothing is faster than speed of light ;D anything's possible.

sonic the hedgehog!, why you ask? because he's the fastest thing alive and he can run over 100 times the speed of light!

Its better than being alone all by yourself on an island. besides who knows,we canh become great friends if we make it out alive. ;D

animedude639(1576) Clarified
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I suppose so

It depends what you mean by weaker. True they are not as strong as us but most of them are more intelligent then us. In my opinion its better to have knowledge than strength.

technically people can debate whatever they want to,even if it involves hair XD

politics,religion,etc just because hot chicks are hot doesnt mean they cant live normal lives X3 and debate about stuff.

nah I dont know much about saur baby.......................................................

maybe she will,maybe she wont ;)/////////////////////////////////////////////////////

but you do realise once one of the chicks on this site see this there gonna be mad!!!!! :3

true true


how dare you you sick perverts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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