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And by benefiting us the most, I hope that you mean in the long term!

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I cannot judge how smart they are. I do know that they have a right to their opinions and a right to voice it. But personally, I don't let their thoughts/opinions determine mine!

I did also love the Wayne's World skits. Their fake commercials are also funny normally.

But what I am not sure about is if the Palin skits are that funny compared to all of SNL history, or that funny compared to the other crap that SNL has on!

Actually, most fish oils, if not all, that you buy as supplements, are oxidized before you even consume them and therefore are not doing your body a bit of good and can actually cause harm! (Little known fact that the supplement makers don't want you to know.) But the fact that you are eating fish is even better for your health. I always recommend eating foods for your health, not pills and drinks! ;)

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The data from this study does suggest that drinking alcohol will decrease your brain volume, but the study has not made the connection between a decreased brain volume and impaired memory or mental function. More research is needed, but yes, this could explain the rattling noise in your head! =)

That was AWESOME!!!

Is that really why you get those calls where there is no one on the other end? I hate those! Thanks for the tip!

Actually, I do. But in real life, not in South Park, people with cancer are not made fun of the same way obese people are, as in the insensitive face-to-face case of this debate. So screw you guys, I'm going home.

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While most obese people can help it, there are a population of them that cannot, for example, those with Prader-Willis. And do we really make fun of all people for their problems? Do we make fun of alcoholics and people with cancer?

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Wow. The sexism here is surprising. I am sorry that you all have witnessed such bad relationships. In my marriage, I am not always right, and "woman" enough to admit it. Maybe the sexist attitudes that you all have is why you have bad relationships and the women get mad at you to begin with.

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#4: sock puppets "kissing"

#3: doves

#2: a person trying to open somthing

#1: 2 women back to back wearing high heels

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