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Should people on welfare be denied a drivers license and a car?

Rush hour traffic is bad enough as it is.  Non working people should not be allowed on the road so that the working class can get to work on a timely manner in order to subsidize those that don't work.


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If they are on welfare how can they afford an automobile in the first place? And even if they could how could they afford gas for that cheapo gas-guzzler that they have? I think welfare in its own is a dumb idea. There should be lots more restrictions on it. Like you must get a minimum wage paying job in such and such amount of time or else your welfare rights expire or something like that!

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Don't be naive altarion...what's a woman, who is on her own or vice versa, supposed to pay day care with? Her/His minimum wage job? I think not. Lots more restrictions? Do you really believe Welfare recipients get that much to begin with? Well, they don't! Some people aren't born into Welfare! They fall into it because of hard times or illness. Unless you live in a huge city like New York or L.A. and others, you probably have no need for a car. In the boonies and the 'burbs' you do. Get real folks, most of you that hawk about Welfare have no idea what it entails to be eligible and to get in the first place.

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I beg to differ. I know from experience that it doesn't take much to get on welfare and abuse the system. My aunt is on welfare and it humiliates me to no end because she's both physically and mentally able to work. She's a user. If charity was left for the church (not the government) then people in the church would recognize the users and act accordingly. As it is, the government can't police the abuse and the deserving women you speak off have to make do with less.

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I have to agree greatly with you. The welfare system in America is greatly flawed.

Side: yes

Why does in matter if you have welfare or not! IT MAKES NO SINCE!!!

Side: Let them be You oughta have respect
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I'm part of the working class and I approve this debate message.

Side: yes

Sure Joe, they're all on the Freeway during rush hour just to annoy you...then, of course, they lay in wait right near your job so they can make your life miserable again on your way home. That sounds so logical!!! I think they should take their rights away to use the drive-thru in fast food places since you're on the road and must be hungry from all that waiting in traffic...and geeze, how about the banks too, huh? You get there at 2:55 PM and they close at 3:00 PM....Oh-Oh! That guy in front of you is trying to cash 5 Welfare checks and now you'll never make it because he has no driver's license for I.D.! Ya see how it all spirals and comes back to you? ~_~

Side: No

Hey, that was funny. I voted you up. BTW, I hope you're not taking this debate seriously.

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Only if you want to make the situation worse. Those on welfare may have doctors appointments to go to and kids to take to school and church to attend and maybe even a job interview so they can get the hell off welfare.

I once knew a woman on welfare who was divorced with three kids, lived in a two-bedroom shack in the desert, and earned minimum wage at catch-as-can temp jobs. She now earns over 100k a year and is involved in community and charity projects.

The woman? My mother.

Side: Give 'em a chance

Wow! That's really cool. Very admirable.

Side: No
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Then how would they get a job to get off welfare?

This is retarded.

What if they have kids they need to take to school Joe?

Should their kids not get to go to school?

Explain to me exactly how a parent being on welfare is a kid's fault?

Wow, you're a real ass.

Side: No

Hey wait one second.... Name one parent that has gotten off of welfare and one child that did not go on welfare once he grew up. Wait.... OMG! I am an ass! Oh well, I still bet you can't answer the question (;

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Apparently "Joe the plumber" was on welfare at one point.

Supporting Evidence: Joe the Plumber is a Welfare Queen Too (
Side: yes
JakeJ(3255) Disputed
2 points

I got a job without a license or a car. I Walked.

Is it retarded merely because you don't agree?

The kids could take the bus, or they could walk (like i have done almost all my life). Or car pull.

Of course they should get to go to school, who said anything about that?

Explain to me exactly who blamed the kids?

Name calling makes you and your argument weak.

Side: Joes not BEING an ass
Zofia(68) Disputed
2 points

What if their kids get sick and they need to go to the doctor?

Or what if their kids aren't sick but they need a regular checkup?

What about people who have babies who can't take them out in the cold? Babies need to go to the doctor to get shots every three months.

What about grocery shopping? Sure, people can make multiple trips to the grocery store so they can carry a little at a time, but what if they have kids? A baby? Are they still going to walk?

What about taking the kids to day care? So they can go to worK?

Here's an idea: what if a person wants a job but it's too far away? What if there are no jobs within walking distance? What if there is no transit system and the only option is to take a taxi? In my town, the charge for the taxi is $10 for approximately 3 miles. That's one way, so that would be $20. Factor in minimum wage (which is presumably why welfare) and that is 3 hours worked just for transportation to and from the job. Which leaves... how much for day care, rent, food, utilities, clothing, etcetera? Yeah, welfare pays that, right? How is that person going to get off welfare? They're not.

The typical anti-welfare argument is based on personal experience and generalizations. In other words, someone who is against welfare tends to say things like "I got a job without a license or a car. I walked." Unfortunately, the population is not homogeneous. Everyone is different, and everyone is in a different situation. Everyone has different difficulties. Just because one person is able to get along without welfare doesn't mean everyone can.

Side: No
ThePyg(6706) Disputed
2 points

to solve this problem, lets just abolish welfare.

that way, we don't care if they get a job or not ;)

Side: yes

I'm for government getting out of the charity business and letting the churches step up to the plate.

Side: yes
jessald(1915) Disputed
1 point

We'll care when they start rioting.

Side: No
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Listen Joe, you are being an ass. I don't really think you are an ass, I apologize.

You want people on welfare to give up their mode of transportation so you can, what? Get to work 1 second faster? Are you one of those people in traffic, honking, yelling "get a job" out your window at every baby in a carriage?

Better, answer this since you started the debate; how many of those people in cars in front of you are on welfare? Bet you can't answer that... bet you still can't answer that.

Whether I personally know anyone on or who was on welfare is completely irrelevant, the facts are in. And you're way off base here.

Side: joes not really an ass

Actually I started the debate because I thought it was funny. My wife laughed out loud.

But to answer your questions:

I wasn't offended by being called an ass, we're cool. No apology needed.

People on welfare should not drive during rush hour traffic as a courtesy to those that make their welfare check possible.

I would be able to leave for work one hour later (I leave at 5:00 AM).

I don't hunk, yell, or use my blinker (; we have freeway shootings here (;

I don't know how many people in front of me are on welfare, but it makes for a fun debate (;

Side: No
1 point

We don't need to give them any more excuses as to why they cannot go out and find a job. Not being allowed to drive a car takes away their means of transportation and they'll use that as an excuse to STAY on welfare and never get a job. In order to combat welfare and those that abuse the system, we need to set a time limit to help people get OFF their feet and get into a position where they can provide for themselves. Welfare is needed because there are those who become disabled and really are unable to work. When one thinks of welfare, most think of the unwed mother who is "getting over" and that's not always the case. Let's not hurt others just to get a those who abuse a system.

Side: No
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What about mass transportation? Why can't they take the bus or train? Why can't they car pool with one of their working buddies? (;

Side: yes

Re-direct the money going to welfare to investing in infrastructure that really helps these people. Mass transit would allow them to go to the doctor, apply for a job, go to the store, and do anything you could do with a car, except plan the route. This makes much more sense to me. I bet the towns that are "too big to walk around in yet to small for mass transit" spend a lot of money on welfare. They could get a really nice, really efficient transit system with that money, and maybe even lower taxes, too!

Side: yes
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People with welfare are already having random searchs (like people from government coming to peoples house to look for evidence whether if they really need the welfare) Which violates their private life. We should help the people in need not make their lives more difficult.

Side: No
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Even if you are not on welfare, why would you want to deny a persons right to own a car. It is not a right that everyone have a car, but if they can afford the vehicle and can pass the DL test, then they should be able to drive. Now, if you are a NAZI(DEM) CRAT you may be fond of trying to enlarge govt, tear down peoples personal homes, live on govt cheese and live in Soviet like housing where everyone gets the same rewards. If you are a true freedom seeker, then pay per performance is the essence of freedom. EVERYONE has the RIGHT to improve their life to their best abilities. If this includes a vehicle, yet they do not work or are on welfare, then more power to them. Maybe they can budget better than the naysayers and possibly need to be hired by Barack "Bahama MAMA" Obama to try and save more than the 100mil drop in the bucket savings.

Side: Freedom to all-And show respect
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This seems like a moot point. I know a lot of people who work, and have to take public transit because they can't afford a car. I find it hard to believe that there are so many drivers on welfare that this would be an issue.

Side: No
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then they wouldnt be able to get to work, and would need more welfare stuff.

Side: No