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Persecute! Persecute! Uphold freedom of religion
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 Persecute! Persecute! (2)
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Should we uphold freedom of religion or persecute the religious?

This country was founded by people seeking freedom of religion.

Should we force Christian bakers to make gay wedding cakes?

Should we allow Muslims to practice their faith?
(i.e., stone adulterers, etc.)

Persecute! Persecute!

Side Score: 2

Uphold freedom of religion

Side Score: 7
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I say kill them all and let their respective God sort out the good from the bad ;)

Side: Persecute! Persecute!
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Without religions, we wouldn't have religious debates. I doubt we will miss religious debates ;)

Side: Persecute! Persecute!
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Tolerance is what made this country great ;)

Side: Uphold freedom of religion
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Without tolerance, we probably wouldn't have any Italians. And without any Italians we probably wouldn't have the Mafia. But we also wouldn't have Pizza. Are you willing to give up Pizza? ;)

Side: Uphold freedom of religion
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The right to freely worship your god should be fiercely protected.

However, the ''hocus pocus'' which surrounds most religions shouldn't be allowed to contravene any of the laws of the land, be they Christian mumbo jumbo ( which also calls for the '' putting to death''of homosexuals, Leviticus 18 & 20)) or the gobbledygook of Islam.

Such laws include, equality in the work place and in the wider society and exist in order to advance equality and fairness for all.

Side: Uphold freedom of religion
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Hello j:

We SHOULD uphold freedom of religion.. But, religion has NOTHING to do with cake..


Side: Uphold freedom of religion
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I have little use for religion, personally, but I will stand up for the rights of those who want and need it. As long as a religion stays within the Constitution I have respect for their right to exist. I expect the dwindling membership to continue, and, by the next century I think knowledge will overcome mythology.... peacefully ... if we SURVIVE the religions of today.

I think humanity is at a crossroad, we have the scientific knowledge to destroy ourselves in about an hour, we have the religious hatred to cause us to do it, and then we have the NON-religious with the power to do the same. Good luck, my friends! (And you others, also.). We mostly need to come to our senses, religious or not. NO "god" will save us, only WE can do that.

Side: Uphold freedom of religion

Everyone is religious. We've just witnessed people who don't even believe in God preaching to us what is moral or immoral from political pulpits.

Side: Uphold freedom of religion