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RSS SupremeLord

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10 most recent arguments.
2 points

I dont trust them at all.

ANything that is not heldby the government is what i trust

1 point

Haha nice, I just punch them in the face with my magnetic pulse rifle.

1 point

NOt everything has to be 50%, 50%. That is childish thinking.

Also, if you look at basketball players, how many are white I wonder.

1 point

When I said that, I implied that the discussion won't include many of you.

1 point

This is rediculous.

Less topics on voting, more topics on lifestyle, fashion, literature, cultures, history, military, planets, dinosaurs please, thank you in advance.

1 point

I often see topics using the word "stupid people", but why not use the term "unathletic people"?

Hmm, I know! It's because the topic makers are often unhealthy folks.

1 point

I didn't read the bottom 2/3 of the main post.

Seriously, it's obviously not hard work. Please stop spreading garbage, and upgrade your lifestyle instead.

1 point

Ha, you are thinking about adult movies or fantasy novels or whatever. I doubt many hot/sexy guys/girls are actually gay, they might be bisexual but not gay. Most gays/lesbians are people with confidant issues.

0 points

You are bad at lying missy. You know prefectly well that nobody s born gay.

People turn gay later in real life ;cause they realize they are not so attractive and/or there are some problems with their gentinals or whatever. SO isntead of embrassing themselves to the opposite sex, why not say that you are gay that you are not suppose to date the opposite race?

It's like a kid saying hockey sucks after a bad hockey game.

It's like a guy saying girls suck after a breakup.

1 point

What kind of "debate" question is this?

Just stop bothering with your kid, be natural, dont say awkward stuff like Should I let him play? Should he buy this?

Just let him buy! You have the logic of someone who has Swine Flu.

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