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RSS Flewk

Reward Points:1193
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1 point


2 points

But I have more money than you, so....

Are you sure?

1 point

You listen to Wilco? What an old fart. Phoot.

flewk(1193) Clarified
1 point

You: Good thing that Ive been talking about more than just a mistake. You mighte'ev had a good point.

Me: Being stupid leads to mistakes. This is the implied relationship.

This implies that my claim of mistakes being valuable experience relates to your original comment: ""Adults" are just older children who have more confidence with displaying how stupid they really are. So who's gonna control the children?"

2 points

Need more head people in the world.

I think the head vs heart dilemma also depends on the situation. People get emotional over different things.

flewk(1193) Clarified
1 point

So, your point to substantiate the point is the point.

It seems implied by this statement.

1 point

Neither. Many contracts include a clause that destroys the embryos upon divorce.

If there is no such clause then one of the plaintiffs must show some exceptional reason. If the court/arbitrator/whatever deems it exceptional, that plaintiff will receive the embryos.

For example, if the man or woman freezes the embryos in preparation for a medical procedure that will cause infertility, then they will usually gain ownership.

flewk(1193) Clarified
1 point

Since this was a communication between two individuals, you would have show that your transmission was clear in order to infer that I misinterpreted it.

I already pointed out the different between "point" and "summation". Your ball.

1 point

Who does not want to see a cat's butt hole?

The people on that <--- side, that's who.

2 points

From what I can tell, strict gun legislation alone will only prevent mass murders, not violent crimes. (At least until someone comes up with a better mass-murder weapon.)

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Country: United States
Education: High School

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