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RSS Themadgadfly

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10 most recent arguments.

arming them with guns

No one wants kids to get shot, and no one is arming depressed 15-year-olds while knowing what they'd do with the weapons.


No, not if you're saying that repealing the 2nd Amendment would result in fewer gun murders. Gangs will always be able to obtain firearms one way or another, so those numbers wouldn't fluctuate just by repealing the 2nd Amendment.

from all the guns

Who's going to take the gun from the maniac shooting up his school? A security guard with pepper spray and a walkie-talkie?

In Britain

Yes, your gun laws are extremely strict. I understand. Now, would you like to comment on the rampant knife crime and acid attacks?

school children

I never said you should give guns to kids. You said that. Please don't put words in my mouth.

automatic weapons

You're not able to legally own an automatic weapon without a gun license that is very* difficult to obtain.

little old ladies and pre-pubescent school children

I never said any of that. Where did you get this?

taking the gun away

And how would you take away a gun from a "gun-wielding maniac"?

which isn't selling guns

Legality would only harm the ability of good Samaritans to protect themselves from gang members and other criminals who own guns illegally.

bad guys don't have guns

Unless they buy guns illegally. That's a bit of a spanner in the works.

fucking retarded

Good word choice in a debate in which I'm attempting to be civil.

fallacious NRA bullshit

I don't believe I've read anything from the NRA in my life.

if indeed you even do

Good to know that when you've run out of arguments, you resort to insulting your opponent.

stop kids gettings shot

If a kid really wants to kill his classmates, he's going to do it regardless of restrictions. And, when that kid obtains a gun, legally or otherwise, and shoots up his school, who's going to take him down if no citizen can legally own a gun? I hope you see what I'm getting at.

makes you a hypocrite

I didn't belive I needed to make that clear, as I assumed both people knew that already. So, no, I'm not a hypocrite.

yes they did

Not without the help of German scientists. And the Americans also didn't get into space all by themselves. I said that.

beat you into space

But America won the Space Race, for one, and also, I never tried to assert that they didn't. I simply pointed out that communism made no contributions.

comprehension issue

He used the fact that Russians made it to space first as a point for why communism works.

mean anything

Not better at, better than. Words can be used in different contexts. America is the best country compared to other countries for the most part. There are some things that other countries do better, but it's never a large list.

global standard of living index

First off, the article you linked goes by the level of social progress made by each country. That doesn't make it invalid, but I wouldn't say that social progress means a good standard of living. I feel like that would be more associated with quality of living, but I'm not an expert in the field. Second, Finland and Denmark are also countries that have some of the highest personal income tax rates in the world.

Finland - 51.60

Denmark - 55.80

For context, Denmark's average personal income is $28,950 and Finland's is $29,374. So, as an average citizen of either of those countries, you're giving the government half of what you're earning for publically-funded healthcare among other things. I wouldn't say those two countries are better places to live than the United States, personally.

got to the Moon.

I'm not suggesting that the Americans got into space all by themselves, either. I was pointing out that the Russians didn't get into space first all by themselves as the other guy said.

questions whether capitalism has been responsible for any of America's achievements

I doubt very seriously that capitalism has helped America achieve anything that it has. I'm not saying that America got to the Moon first because of capitalism. I'm disproving the other guy's claim that communism helped the Russians get the first man into space.

judging other nations for faults which your own is equally, if not more guilty of

Yes, I judge other nations for their shortcomings just as I judge my own country of its shortcomings. If you can show me one country better than the United States, go ahead. I doubt you'll find one.

like Kennedy and Johnson

Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon among others wanted to end the war in Vietnam, not continue it. They wanted to stop fighting communism by extent. Also, of course they hated commies. Everyone did, and a lot of people still do.

liberal capitalist party

The Democratic party is a political party with views on the left side of the political spectrum. Communism and socialism are both ideals on the left side of the political spectrum. The Democratic party is, for the most part, what is pushing for universal healthcare. Also, if you look at the 2016 presidential election, you'll find that Bernie Sanders (noted Democratic Socialist) moved to the Democratic party with all of his Bernie bros because he knew that running as an independent wouldn't do him any favors.

further right than Hitler

Wouldn't Hitler be considered alt-Right? Also, Hitler was a part of the National Socialist German Workers' Party. Socialism is a less extreme version of communism, which is a leftist ideology.

As did the US in 2007

The United States has never collapsed in its history. We've had economic depressions, but we've pulled through every time. Unless of course, you want to count restructuring the country by taking out the Articles of Confederation and replacing it with the Constitution. That, I can get behind.

worked for 70 years

It worked exactly how it was supposed to work if how it was meant to work was to make everyone poor and create massive food shortages.

invented satellite technology

With the help of German scientists. Also, communism is not the reason for the USSR getting the first man into space.


I'd rather you answer my question than you be a smartass, but do whatever works for you I suppose.


I couldn't care less about semantics.

neo-Nazi bullshit

By Democrats, he's referencing leftist "democratic" socialists. Not all Democrats are commies, but there are many.

you didn't defeat Communism

You're right, the U.S. didn't defeat communism. The USSR collapsed in on itself because of terrible leadership. That doesn't mean that communism works, if that's what you're saying.

by your own system

What system are you referencing here?

Saying "we should add a EULA to gun purchases" is like saying "we should outlaw crime".


Intent doesn't matter when one is much more deadly than the other.

There's no point in implementing pointless policies. The agreement wouldn't matter in the first place.

When you provide statistics, it's your job to source those claims. It isn't my job to search around to source your claims.

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About Me

"Avid graphic designer, conservative who enjoys a few liberal ideas."

Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Postal Code: 75056
Websites: Ergophobe - Youtube
jack - Twitter

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