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So I just read a tearjerker story (in a very liberal publication: The New Yorker) about a woman who grew up without a mother because her mother decided to perform a self-induced abortion.  So, obviously, this woman thinks that legal abortions are necessary to prevent women from attempting self-induced abortions and dying in the process.

What I don't understand is,  why doesn't anyone ever asks the most obvious question?  Why not put the child up for adoption?  In that scenario, the mother would still be alive.  Her daughter may someday be reunited with her adopted sibling.  Why should the termination of life be the go to solution?
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Why not put the child up for adoption?

Because people don't just get abortions because they don't want to raise a child. Simply being pregnant can totally screw up a life. It can make you lose your job, your health, your friends, your money, and your independence. Abortion is an option. So is adoption. They solve different problems.

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That's right and very well put ...............................

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Simply being pregnant can totally screw up a life. It can make you lose your job, your health, your friends, your money, and your independence.

That all sounds very serious. I wonder why anyone would risk getting pregnant? ;)

excon(18262) Disputed
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You are hereby DISQUALIFIED from having a conversation about abortion if you can't understand WHY people fuck..


AyaanK(14) Disputed
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Who says you can loose your job? Laws have been modified where if a women is pregnant, she is handed a maternity leave.

Mint_tea(4641) Clarified
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Also, the process of adoption is both long and costly. Those who wish to adopt a child can be put through a process that could take years to get through all the red tape and while I agree a person should be vetted, it is very difficult and expensive. Added to the cost of actually raising a child it may not be an option for a number of people.

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Therein lies the problem.

People who cannot understand that in 'the heat of the moment' unsuppressable passion takes control of your entire body including your powers of reasoning and a couple will do what nature intended and make beautiful love.

So, the female has to have her life ruined by the bully boys and moralistic women who spout their sanctimonious drivel filling the pregnant woman with feelings of terrible guilt if she declares her intention of terminate HER pregnancy.

If, as is regularly the case a youthful female succumbs to the moral blackmail from the ''holier-than-thou brigade and has her unwanted child, then her, young life will change forever and she will be denied the experience of enjoying the freedom of the best years of her life.

Who do these sexless twits think they are that they can try to apply their cockeyed, so called morals onto others.

If a female, FOR WHATEVER REASON, decides she does not with to proceed with the pregnancy then that is her business and her business only.

vheah(22) Clarified
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Losing your job and losing your friends is a stretch. I can see the independence, monetary issues, and health problems arising. But losing a job? I don't think so. Yes, it is a given that going back to work with a child will be difficult, but I've seen women able to manage it and find jobs. Finding work has a lot to do with how determined you are no matter what situation you're in. It's just like finding a solution to a problem. You can sit down and sulk about your problems or actually fix it no matter how hard it can get. Same with work. You can sit down and be lazy and never have the heart to find work or actually look for something even though it's not the easiest thing to do.

Losing friends on the other hand because you got pregnant? that depends on the situation. If you messed around with your female friend's man and got pregnant, then hell yeah, you're losing that girl as your friend. But if you get pregnant without involving anything that will ruin ties with people and you lose your friends, then those aren't real friends. I think by the time that happens, that person should rethink what kind of friends she should be having.

FromWithin(8241) Disputed
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Inhuman hogwash excuses for justifying the taking of another innocent life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dermot(5736) Disputed
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A woman who gets an abortion does not have to give excuses to anyone or justify her actions to anyone , so it's really you who is talking hogwash which is par for the course for you

Antrim(1287) Disputed
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What makes you so sure the fetus was innocent.

How do you know that the embryo in the womb wasn't a budding I.S.I.S, terrorist in there planning a bombing atrocity.

The Bible states that we are all born with sin.

So if,as you claim the fetus is indeed a living, feeling entity it cannot, by your own definition, be innocent.

You are 100% correct. The Democrat party will constantly use excuses that give you these tear jerker hypothetical examples, but never admit they adamately support the vast vast vast vast majority of abortions done purely for elective birth control reasons.

They refuse to compromise even on No restriction abortions of viable late term babies for any reason. They are tied at the hip with radical feminist and pro bortion lobbies. It's all about money and power and elections. They lack the simple humanity once possessed by most people.

The reason they don't want adoption rather than killing, is because we live in the no fault self love generation whereby they should not have to be inconvienenced for the irresponsible choices they make every day.

The inconvienence of carrying a baby to term, in their mind, justifies taking an innocent life. This is the self love culture from the Left.

This is the microwave self love culture whereby they want their cake, and they want to eat their cake now!

They want that hook up now, they want their one night stand now, they want their sex now and if they don't have birth control now, they will use abortion. They are like animals with no self control or moral thought of the possible consequences.

Nothing willl deter them from what they want to do at this very moment in time. No personal responsibilitry for their actions. No bothering with 9 months of pregnancy to save the life of the baby they chose to create with their selfish irresponsibility.

This denial of personal responsibility came about soon after the Left's fixation with the lie of separtion of Church and State. Without God, a nation's conscience and moral foundation shifts with the pleasures and personal convienence of the people.

It always amazes me why they require no culpability from the person taking an innocent life.

They say it is too dangerous for the killer to have back alley illegal abortions....


What you say? We would be inconvienenced by carrying the baby to term.


That is the choice every person should be making and guess what? There would be no need to go down back alleys to kill the burden of your making.

Wait minute, i forgot. This is the no fault me me self love culture.

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Some women are just fuckin bitches and they don't care about the kid, it's just an inconvenience lmao. It's not something you'll ever hear a politician argue but it's bloody true xD

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I think it's wonderful that some people are willing to put them up for adoption and others are willing to adopt. That's great.

Hey, uh, then why do we still have lots of abortions happening and few adoptions?

Oh, well there's a few reasons. First, many people can't or won't carry to term, for reasons already listed in the other arguments in this column.

Second, many don't have the resources for the medical upkeep leading up to the birth and adoption.

Third, these babies saved from abortion don't necessarily match what the altruistic adopters are looking for. Right or wrong, they have expectations on appearance, and they'd probably not adopt a baby born addicted to crack, or one with a known medical condition which may cripple or kill it later.

Fourth, despite people on these debate websites advocating adoption I have yet to meet a single one of them who had adopted anyone at all (except for one who adopted from within their own family - which I don't think is in the same category of argument).

Fifth, banning abortion does not then guarantee widespread adoption. Based on all the examples above it more likely guarantees massive expansion of the state care system.

FromWithin(8241) Disputed
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The radical no restriction supporter wastes our time once more. Just remember, you are one of the less than 20% of Americans who lacks the simplest of humanity to understand we need restrictions on abortions of healthy viable babies for any reason.

What a total inhuman extremist!

Grenache(6053) Disputed
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Notice how you responded to zero of my arguments. You just make a character attack on the same old tired "no limits abortion" bunk which I've already discredited repeatedly. And discredited how? Well, I've given lists of states with and without, I've given numbers on late term abortions, and I've addressed the political pitfall of blaming a whole party nationally for something individual states of voters have decided. Like always you've ignored it all. You're both morally and intellectually bankrupt.

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The radical restriction supporter wastes our time once more. Just remember, you are one of the insert arbitrary figure here of Americans who lacks the simplest of humanity to understand we need no restrictions on slavery of owned healthy humans for any reason.

What a total inhuman extremist!

That's just an example, maggot. Try bringing against me the best of you, and it shan't last more than a touch. For that was too easy.